Client Quotes

"...In response to your request for a Web Designer, I recommend Todd Breda. I have known him for several years and have seen/used some of his work, which is fantastic. Not only does he have talent, but his professionalism and work ethic are both top notch."

- Matthew Smith (Caiman Consulting Corporation)

"This is excellent – look and feel are very clean."

- Derek Harper (


"I think this looks really good! Again, I love the look and feel of this newsletter."

- Paul Ossorio (

"God Man! That is rockin' pretty hard!
DAMN dude! You are THE MAN!"

- Dex Manley (Windermere Agent)


"You Rock!"

- Kate Kjorvestad (Windermere Agent)


"Todd, Judye loves (the design) too. Thank you, thank you, thank you. There's some very nice wine coming for you and I won't take no for an answer. I like it more the longer I look at it..."

- Steve Body (VinEllaOnline)


"...Since posting the ad last night, I’ve had 17 responses. 15 of them gave sample designs that I could easily outmatch, 1 had good designs but was outrageously expensive (over $1000 for a single page mockup!)…and then there was your submission, which I liked. Nice, crisp designs, reasonable pricing, and a quick response to my questions. Thanks!"

- John Moody (


"Your work is beautiful!!!"

- Tina Rizzitello (


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